At this time, we are sorry to inform you we have suspended reviewing unsolicited material.


Special Note To:  Artists/Songwriters/Lyricists/Writers


Many publishing companies reject Unsolicited Material, usually due to numerous legal ramifications that may come into play.  They often refuse to accept the material and/or return it unopened. 

R L HAMMEL ASSOCIATES, Inc will review Unsolicited Material.  However, because we try to eventually take the time to review all material, it is important those submitting material understand our response time can and does vary greatly.  Following a few simple guidelines will help assure the quickest possible response time:


“ S O P ” for Submitting Material


  1. Please:  Do NOT send material via email!  Please!
  2. Submit no more than three (3) songs at a time.   If you are submitting your material within a CD or project, please identify the best three (3) cuts for our review.   We do not have time to review an entire project.
  3. Typed Lyrics are preferred; lead sheets optional. 
  4. A properly labeled CD, Cassette, DVD, or VHS Format is preferred.   Again, no submissions by email, please.
  5. Be sure all material is copyrighted and properly labeled. 
  6. We no longer return submitted materials after review.   To receive a response of any kind, at our discretion, YOU MUST include a properly self-addressed, stamped envelope. 
  7. A brief “Bio” can be helpful….
  8. For the protection of everyone involved, we request ALL correspondence related to publishing be in writing. 



R&B/MOR/Adult Contemporary/Blues/Pop Rock/Country Rock/Ballads 


Adult Contemporary/Inspirational/MOR


We always prefer “positive” lyrics in a wide variety of musical styles….


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